QualitAir, LLC

U.S. Aircraft Registration For

European Aircraft Owners

Representatives are fluent in German, English, and Polish.

QualitAir provides a Quality Service at a competitve price so you can register your Aircraft with the FAA

Our Service

We offer Aircraft Registration in the American System through a single Trust between you and QualitAir. Your Trust is not shared with other Aircraft Owners offering you the highest level of protection. Aircraft operating outside the US requires a Radio Station License. We are a registered License Manager for the FCC ensuring you are in compliance.

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 Primary Representative for Germany, fluent in German and English

Mike ++49 172 672 3352


      Primary Representative for UK and English speakers, secondary for Germany and Poland.

Scott ++49 170 22 19643


 Primary Representative for Poland, fluent in Polish

Ewelina ++49 160 5888 567